Own production of lead / zinc / tin / cadmium
rolled products and foundry products

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Degtyarsky Foundry & Mechanical Plant

We produce

Sale from one sheet / piece / kilogram

Individual conditions for each client

Terms of cooperation
Lead / zinc / tin / cadmium products

Sheets: Lead / Zinc / Tin / Cadmium

Foil: Lead / Tin

Lead roofing

Production both from our own raw materials and from the customer's raw materials

We manufacture products in accordance with the requirements of GOST 9559-89 (lead products), GOST 598-90 (zinc products), GOST 18394-73 (tin products), GOST 23886-91 (cadmium products) and customer specifications
Size of finished flat products:
  • product width up to 1000mm
  • product length up to 10 000mm
  • product thickness from 0.2 to 80mm

Delivery to any region of the Russian Federation

DLMZ JSC implements on an ongoing basis:

Refined lead GOST 3778-98 grade S0000, C0, C1, C1C, C2, C2C, C3, C3C
Lead alloys GOST 1292-81 US2, CCu3, CCu, CCuA, CCuS, PbSb
Primary zinc in ingots GOST 3640-94 TsV00, TsV0, TsV, Ts0A, Ts0, Ts1, Ts2, Ts3
Tin ingots GOST 860-75 O1, O2, O3, O4, O1Pch
Cadmium in ingots GOST 1467-93 KD0A, KD0, KD1
Antimony in ingots GOST 1089-82 Su0, Su1, Su2

Slab: Lead / Zinc / Tin / Cadmium

Lead brick

Sale to individuals and legal entities

Export deliveries

Anodes: Lead / Zinc / Tin / Cadmium

Roller lead

Zinc boiler plate

Lead sealing gaskets

Ballast for boats, barges

Lead ballast marine vessels

Lead weight and counterweights

DLMZ JSC on an ongoing basis purchases scrap of lead and tin in any form (license No. 306 А000448 dated 10.10.2016) from legal entities and individuals in cash and by bank transfer:

  • Pure lead, remelting and lumpy scrap
  • Cable sheath (braid)
  • Battery Cutting & Plates
  • Tire weights (balancing weights)
  • Typographic font (garth)
  • Pure tin, remelting and self-alloying
  • Tin anodes (electrodes)
  • Solders and babbits
  • Any tin-containing raw materials
  • Tin products, alloys and waste

We accept all kinds of lead acid batteries:

  • Serviced and maintenance-free car batteries
  • Traction batteries
  • Batteries from uninterruptible power supplies


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* Refunds for unselected goods are made strictly according to a written application, except for tolerance.